Wildcat Valley Backcountry Trail- 2/6/15


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    Camera Wildcat Valley Backcountry Trail- 2/6/15

    This was my first trip to Wildcat (for backcountry or resort skiing), despite the fact I've been across the road a number of times for Sherbie and the Gulf of Slides trails. I was pretty impressed by the glades on skier's right on the skin up the mountain, as well as the sustained vertical at Wildcat.

    The Wildcat Valley Trail had some nice spots (the huge birch glade), and I'm sure with some more knowledge of the terrain there are some other spots that would be alot of fun. I spied one tight birch glade to skier's left that was pretty high up--- but it wasn't clear that the runnout would be anywhere near where we were headed.

    Overall the Wildcat is better skied on light gear closer to XC than downhill. Semi-wides with fishscales and tele (or three pin) bindings would likely be perfect.

    As an aside, that weekend was also my first time staying in Jackson (despite having stayed in N. Conway a bunch of times). We had a great time. I loved the mini-grand feel of the Eagle House and the all the XC trails. I will definitely be back.

    Here's the full write-up: http://nebackcountry.blogspot.com/20...ypotenuse.html

    And some pics:

    The birch glades:

    On the trail:

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    Shocked that it was your first time. Wildcat Valley Trail is amazing to explore. Lots of hidden spots that have been thinned out and maintained nicely. Not a lot of birch trees on the front side so it's fun to rip back there.

    I agree with you on equipment too.

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    I think it is mostly due to the fact that when I want to travel 2.5+ hours for resort skiing I go back home to Burke, and when I'm in the area for BC skiing, there's just so much fun stuff across the road. But I've definitely been missing out. Looks like a great place to spend a powder day.

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