Mt. Kearsarge Backcountry- 2/20/15


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    Camera Mt. Kearsarge Backcountry- 2/20/15

    I've been thinking about trying to ski Kearsarge for a while now. It seems like the powerline stares me down everytime I'm driving south on 89.

    It was COLD last Friday and pretty windy, but we sucked it up and finally crossed this one off the list.

    There's alot to like about this place: easy access, great open trail (powerline), several routes up (and down) and great glades up near the top.

    It even has a brewpub (Flying Goose) not far from the bottom.

    Here's the full writeup.

    Here are some of the pics:

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    Nice, first tracks! Can't beat that for a day in the ol back country.
    I've spent the last three weekends out back and let me tell you - yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa!
    Un-tracked everywhere.
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    And we hit the refresh button down here last night! More freshies for the 617. Go get it!

    BTW... Apologies to the admin. I meant to post this in Trip Reports. Not sure what happened.

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    Been meaning to hit Cardigan for weeks now. That must be pretty well tracked. Much traffic on Kearsarge?
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    It looked like a couple other people had skied it before the last storm, and there was one other person who was skiing it the day we were there. I don't know how much traffic it has seen since then.

    Also, I'm curious as to how skiable the hiking trails would be... and whether there are skiable glades/ledges on the eastern side. The wind was really moving alot of snow off the top into the east/south facing aspects. If there are any accessible hardwood glades on that side they would likely be pretty nice.

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