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    Quote Originally Posted by Edd View Post
    This thread isn't about health care insurance. It about what happened to my dads surgery. Knew surgery date now schedule for this week coming up

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    Wishing your dad the best outcome!
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    Live life everyday doing what you love.

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    Dads cancer surgery after veery very long day was successful few months ago. He been tested several times for PSA levels been low. Just very low amount of cancer keeping at bay.

    Since I found he had Cancer my anxiety got worse and so did the depression. Started anti anxiety pills which are working just half make sure I don't drink to much caffeine. Wellburton for depression hopefully it works I due anything medical as acceptable to I due all the medicines. Only been 2 weeks now for Wellburton so to early to know. Been on SRRI Before 4 different ones that never helped. Stay ing way from Mary and alcohol while on these medicines.
    Thanks everyone who posted in this thread and who have been through any horrible disease. Also thanks for ski fun times.

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    Happy to hear about your pops Scotty.

    I've seen Wellbutrin be a true miracle drug. So many off label uses as well, known as the "happy, horny, skinny, smoke-free" drug. Good call about avoiding the booze, that combo can lower your seizure threshold. SSRIs have their uses but are way over prescribed in my honest opinion. From a neuro research perspective, SSRIs for depression is like taking your daily multi vitamin. Some people are successful but we have no idea why and the full role serotonin plays.
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    Cancer and Ms tottally sucks.
    we need to fine cures for all these dieases ASAP
    The last few weeks my dad was in hospice care
    we had talking about great memories his last concious day
    His last day my sister was thier
    he waited sevarl hours with all us surroning him
    he took his last breath when no one was by him i belive on purpose out of love for us
    he is skiing with Warren Miller now
    if any one wants to make donations

    My dad will be my hero forever he well loved and 41 people showed up at his funeral.

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    we need cures for all thse letal diesases
    Quote Originally Posted by ScottySkis View Post
    Cancer sucks bump
    my dad is skiing with Warren Miller now

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    Scotty so sorry to hear of your dad's passing . You were a good son and know that his spirit will be with you and can shine brightly through you as you live your life . Remember the good times and honor his memory .

    Wishing you all the best ,
    Surround yourself with Positivity , Live Life , Collect Friends not Stuff and Avoid Negative Nuts

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    Sorry for your loss Scotty. My best to you and your family.

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    Praying for you bro.
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