I know Les Otten's name is poison to some, but he does seem to have the magic touch with investors and bankers. Saddleback seems to have much more potential to me than The Balsams, but if the Berrys are not interested in selling the development property, then there's nowhere to go with it. I never could understand that sale strategy.
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It's a very small village on a lake known for its history of trout DNA. Two of the best known river systems in the state , for trout fishing, flow into the lake, but that's it...and snomobiling. Skiing runs behind fishing in Maine. A completely different scene from Vermont and NH. Rangeley is out in the lesser developed/populated woodlands of Maine..ie rural...in comparison to Vermont or New Hampshire...where more developed highways helps customer travel and elevation with big mountains that would seem to make running a ski resort pretty easy. Idiots who can't manage a three car funeral are out there....everywhere...today, but I wonder if Les Otten couldn't make something of the place....y/n?