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    Mr Horne - 10th grade English. Spent the class storytelling - great sense of humor. I went to METCO HS (Bostonians know what I mean) - and at that time he recognized rap as a form of writing. The Sugar Hill Gang had just released the first popular Rap song (Rappers delight) - and Mr. Horne let a METCO kid sing the entire song to the class - he knew every word. I still remember the vibe in that room that day - incredible. He used to go on and on about his demented mother and moving her to nursing home (sad, touching and funny).

    Then when it was time to write college application essay - he had workshops where you'd bring your writing and he'd edit/rewrite on his own time. I doubt a teacher like that would survive long in today's standardized "teach to the test" mentality.

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    Probably Mr. Parker, my Junior/High School Band director. Pretty sure I wouldn't be doing what I am today if it wasn't due to him. There are all kinds of whacky stories about how when he would get pissed, he would take this yellow metal Tonka Dumptruck and a hammer and beat the crap out of it in the hallway. He was odd and probably would be diagnosed this some form of autism today. (I'd put large sums of money on Aspberger's) We would have some strange fundraisers (a 12 hour band-a-thon where we would play at the school for 12 straight hours to raise money. We'd eat a ton of junk food and sight-read) and had many memorable trips. He is who instilled my love for jazz.

    In reality, he was kind, supportive, and one of the only teachers who really kept me honest about being lazy and a horrible student. Sure, our band was what it was. He also gave me some of my favorite memories of schooling.

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    It's often the encouragement and confidence we get from a teacher that is more important than the subject matter. I had a high school track coach and math teacher who was the first person outside my parents who convinced me I could be outstanding at something/anything in my own little way.
    Here's to all the unsung teachers out there

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