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    Quote Originally Posted by siliconebobsquarepants View Post
    change as many diapers as you can! Laundry and all that ....grovel....there is no pride when it comes to time on the slopes whatever it takes!

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    I have a 5 year old daughter and took her out for the first time last season when she was 4 and she loved it. As for the year she was born, my situation was different, as the wife was not a skier. I got in 26 days that year. Being a little over an hour from Sunday River helped. Left at 6:30 on Sundays, on snow by 8, skied non stop until noon (15-20 runs), a couple beers from 12-1, and home by 2:30. Encouraged her to take off when I got home on, and to do whatever she wanted on Saturdays, i.e. compromise. The fact that your wife is a skier changes the game a bit though.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamboat1 View Post
    We did seasonal ski, boot & pole, rentals for my daughter when she was growing up. Not sure what it costs now but back then it was only a little over $100 to rent for the season.
    I do that now for my two, $99 each and they have a deal with Bretton Woods for free jr season passes. Now that is Win-Win!!
    15-16 Killington 11-17-16

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    My #3 kiddo was born 8/31. Skiied til mid-April, delivered and I was skiing by Dec (after c-section). By then we had ski house and 2 older kids already on skis - I got cheaper pass and didn't get normal # days in, but enough to satisfy me. Started kiddo at 2.5yo and is best skier of them all - got the rhythm inutero.

    So it's possible - but I know what be a new parent is like compared to a seasoned one, lol. Getting kid #1 as baby out of house is a project with tons of equipment. By kid #3 you've got one diaper and spare clothes somewhere in the car, if you dig deep enough - the kid just goes where rest of family has to go.

    Having lodge sitting grandparents is like hitting lottery. Otherwise....much harder- but trust me - you don't miss it much enjoying the new bundle and life adjustments. Not that I am still bummed about missing 95/96 season...

    congrat, don't sweat it - ski mountains aren't going anywhere, enjoy the baby!

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    Pulling out is a good way to avoid this sort of thread.

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    Quote Originally Posted by deadheadskier View Post
    I told my wife about seeing this. Her response was, "You are not using our son as a human airbag"
    Just tell her you take lessons from HS and now it is physically impossible for you to fall.

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    My 2nd is due any day at this point and my goal is to get out as often as I can regardless of conditions. I have a 2.5 yr old as well and my spring was non-existent because of help issues with her. If you can get a babysitter and it's freezing or raining....just go.

    As far as skiing with your kid. My daughter had just turned 2 when I got her on skis this year. I bought a $40 set of plastic skis that go over her boots. I picked a couple of sunny 50 degree days and we literally just went to the sledding hill. If you make it fun for them, they might get as obsessed with skiing as you are.

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    My wife caught us watching skiing videos at the breakfast table in the middle of July...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MadMadWorld View Post
    My wife caught us watching skiing videos at the breakfast table in the middle of July...
    Awesome picture.

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    I can 100% assure you, that any days off your typical season average you loose during the next season or 2 will be more than made up in the form of the incredible rush you'll get when you see your kid on skis for the 1st time in a few seasons!
    '07--08 season: 51 Days, '08-'09 season: 55 Days, '09-'10 season: 41 Days, '10-'11 season: 49 days, '11-'12 season: 40 Days '12-'13 season: 57 days, '13-'14 season, 60 days '14-'15 season 60 days, '15-'16 season 52 days, '16-'17 season: 50 days, '17-'18 season 52 days, '18-'19 season 45 days '07-'19 seasons: 612 Days

    '19 - '20 season:

    November: 16.17,23,29,30 (Mount Snow)
    December: 1,7,14,15,21,26,27,28,29,30 (Mount Snow) 16 (Mount Southington) 22 (Okemo) 31 (Berkshire East)
    January: 1,4,5,11,12,18,19,20,25,26 (Mount Snow) 6,13,23,27 (Mount Southington)
    February: 1,2 (Mount Snow) 3,5,12,15,16 (Mount Southington) 8 (Bromley) 9 (Stratton) 17 (Pico)

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