Baxter State Park - Russell Pond - Aug 12-15, 2015


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    Baxter State Park - Russell Pond - Aug 12-15, 2015

    Took a backpacking trip with my 2 boys and friend to Russell Pond in Baxter. It is a very special place deep in the heart of the park. Well worth the 7.5 mile backpack with many side hikes that you can do from the campground.

    While it is not prime time fishing season we did very well this trip as the native brook trout were eager to hit a fly.

    For those interested - more words, pics and a video on my blog. Be sure to check out the brook trout fish swarm on the video at 2 minutes 30 seconds. It is quite a sight!

    Not a bad way to pass the time in the summer as we await ski season again.

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    Nice TR salsgang.
    BTW the backside of the Katahdin range's western end can be skinned and skied pretty easily, with the equipment, if a few of the roads are plowed.
    Hexagenia Limbata is a prolific nighttime hatch throughout the summer. Hornberg(emerger) and White Wulff(dun/spinner) both ring the dinner bell. Getting out in a canoe is a nice way to see the area.


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