Hey all, I'm looking for some help with regards to Katahdin and I'm hoping there are some who are knowledgeable and can offer advice!

My friend and I have a campsite reserved in BSP for Labor Day weekend at Nesowadnehunk. Yesterday was the 2-week-ahead-of-time reservation day for our parking passes to hike Katahdin from Roaring Brook and Katahdin stream; I had my heart set on Knife's Edge. Apparently I should have done it at the crack of dawn the first day because today, there are none available.

I'm just confused.... are these places really the only options we have for parking at trailheads? It seems crazy that only 40 cars can park in a place that accesses pretty much every major trail to hike a gigantic mountain. Are there other places to park to access Baxter Peak (or any peak)? There have to be other hikes, right?

Also, I did post this in the sticky thread but if anyone has any insight for finding hiking groups or partners for Knife's Edge please let me know. My friend wanted to do it, but now doesn't, and I am definitely not doing that alone.