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    Thanks for the intel bigbog. When I bought the boat I also bought a bent shaft paddle made by Al Camp, a local racer. It was a thing of beauty, light too. He sold his company to a Grumman Canoe employee. Grumman is located in Marathon NY, just down the road from Greek Peak.

    I think that's what I noticed most about the Carlisle paddle, it is HEAVY. It gets old fast. After paddling my boat with a Kayak paddle for the last 4 yrs, I'm sold. I found it very uncomfortable paddling on the left side with my bad shoulder too, much easier with the Kayak paddle. Sometimes my left shoulder is kinky when I start out, but usually smooths out as I paddle.

    My plan is to attempt to glue my paddle and bring the canoe paddle as a backup in case of catastrophic failure. Probably get a new Kayak paddle for next season.

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    Ran across this, some guy got the blueprints for my boat, Sawyer DY Special, built it himself, Cedar strips, Mahogany trim, gorgeous, only 31lbs. My factory glass version is 45lbs.
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    What a nice looking boat. Without the higher tumblehomed shoulders I think I'd prefer yours @45lbs.....fwiw.

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    My Dad's journey ended today at 12:15 PM. He fought the good fight, but Father Time is undefeated. He died in his bed at home, so grateful for that. My Mom brought him home Friday night, more than enough of hospitals and nursing homes lately. It took it's toll on her. He spent his last days surrounded by his family, including cats and dog. Grateful I was able to show him how much I loved him before he passed.
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    Sorry for your loss. It's been a pleasure to read about your tightening bond during his twilight. May your dad fly high and rest in peace.

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    So so sorry. Life is meant for fun enjoy while we can time might help at little sorry for family.

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    Thanks guys, I don't think I'll ever dip a paddle in the water again without remembering the trips I made to be by his side. So happy he's finally at peace. Now I must comfort Mom. She's lost two adult children, but said that pales to losing her partner of 64 years. I understand, like losing half of yourself. I told her I believe they'll be reunited some day, hopefully not too soon. Couldn't ask for better parents, don't know why we kids are so f'd up? Hopefully it skips a generation, for my Son's sake.
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    So sorry to hear that CH ! You were a great son when it counted my friend . What you did for your dad will sustain both you and your mom . Your father will live forever in you , his legacy is intact and you have modeled th kind,of end of life behavior many can only hope to attain . You and yours are in our thoughts and prayers

    it is coincidental we have friends one just passed at 94 two weeks ago and his wife of 90 passed last nite. .They had 70 yrs of married life and the separation was sImply untenable for her . The human spirit is magnificent and love like theirs and your parents is the greatest. Gift

    peace .
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    Thanks Warp, glad your rehab is going much better. Of course you are a Spring chicken compared to my Dad. More importantly, an active Spring chicken. A guy I work with said his Son's doctor did his Son's knee surgery out of the hospital because of the high risk of infection there. I believe it, it was infections that did my Dad in. The fluid build up, congestive heart failure, kidney damage due to the strong dietetics, was a cascade of falling dominos, but hey, 92 yrs is quite a run. I'm pretty sure I won't sniff 90, life in the fast lane, that and working with solvents, my liver is probably 90 now!
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    So sorry to hear about your loss CornHead, may he truly rest in peace. I've been reading this thread as your journey unfolded this year and it warmed my heart. Glad you had the time with him.

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