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    Thanks Scruffy, I feel pretty damn good about making the effort to reconnect with him these last 4 months. No regrets, I did all I could, I know he appreciated it.

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    Bob, so sorry about your dad. Sounds like he lived a good long life.

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    Sorry to read of the news Cornhead....but it will happen to all of us. Good news that your Dad lived a long, good life...that's all one can shoot for.

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    Thanks bigbog, Mom opened his strong box today, found some cool shit. His discharge papers from the Army Air Corps in 1946, he was an airplane mechanic stateside during the War, except for one mission delivering a plane, "Over the hump". He joked that made him a combat vet, which technically it did. He said they all fell asleep, pilot included, and wound up off course when they awoke. I guess autopilots were pretty crude back then.

    Anniversary pins from Singer-Link, along with a cool F117 Stealth Fighter pin. The stealths were his last projects. I came home with pictures of the SR71 Blackbird from the Intrepid in NYC. I showed Dad, all excited, " Dad, check it out, I saw the Blackbird up close and personal! " To which he replied, "I was offered a ride on it, I turned it down." Talk about a bubble burst. And how the F could you turn that E ticket ride down? He lead a pretty incredible life, kudos Dad.
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    Leave no turn unstoned!

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    Bob, here is the photo of Pat R. at Greek Peak back at the end of Oct.
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