Joaquin generated surf


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    Joaquin generated surf

    I know that we're all are looking forward to any signs of approaching winter, but out in NE waters, it still feels like summer.
    I hope that those of you who ride waves had the chance to score a session or two on what hurricane Joaquin delivered to NE shores. It was good.

    Yesterday was pretty sweet on Horseneck Beach - a bit smaller than I expected but still, nice chest high waves here and there, well defined sets and warm water. I've heard that further out in RI it was just great, a bit bigger. But after a summer of mostly flat water, smaller conditions are not bad.

    Today, my "home break", Nantasket Beach really delivered. Glassy, waist to shoulder on some of the better sets, sweet peeling waves. I know that many disparage that break, but with a good eastern swell and low or offshore wind, that place can be magical. Today it was.
    Brilliant sun and warm(ish) water didn't hurt, either.
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    Waves at Cisco on Tuesday were pretty high and a lot of people surfing.
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    Surfed a bunch the week Before with all those northeast and then to Newport for some perfect 6-8 ft waves.
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    Nice pictures!! Especially the first one. Glassy and with nice shoulders. It amazes me that the "left coast" (Cali) gets this kind of surf all the time. For us, once in a blue moon, unless you're willing to get into 5mm rubber and brave 35 *F water, aka winter surfing.
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    Terrific pics, nice surf petergriffen....
    *Single link to Higgins (Beach) Scarborough, ME.
    Some of this surf from the past couple weeks comes close to what the Higgins surf of the early-to-mid_60s was like....only the un-eroded shelf didn't need a Hurricane...god I miss those days..non-surfer kid ridin' his bellyboard way under the crest, but the biggest stuff had to be either from Joaquin or other systems... 10footers were everyday, early pm god today's authorities would've never kept it open with what we called it as undertow... Wave crests must be ~100'+ closer to shore from where they would break... back in the 60s.....
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    I would have loved to seen that. I've spent more time on Higgins than any other beach in New England. Used to go 3-4 days a week after work to body surf when I lived in Portland

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    Must've been nice....

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    Just stumbled across this thread. Glad you guys scored up North. Not familiar with the beaches you guys mentioned, but I found the story about '60s surf interesting. Kinda the universal "you shoulda been here yesterday" surfing theme.

    After a seriously flat summer we had surfable waves for about two weeks straight down here on Long Island. Not that I was able to get in the water all that much between work and... life. It was still nice to enjoy summer like temps in and out of the water a few times earlier this month. Though it feels like someone flicked the switch and winter is on its way
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    Living in concord now I don't get myself up to Maine as much but it's really fun up there.

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    Send it studios did a nice short film about surfing Joaquin. I will see if I can find it. There were nice waves around rye.

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