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    NFL Sunday Ticket Online

    Anyone here buying this? Looks to be $200 for 4 months, $100 for students. I'm a Jets fan, in my area we share network coverage with the Bills. If I buy this it will probably be a wash financially compared to going to a sports bar to watch the games that aren't on regular TV. Watching games at the bars is a mixed bag for me. I don't drink anymore, so that's not an attraction. The place I go has good grub, but you can't always get a seat with a good view of the game. I am tempted.

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    I have Sunday ticket max, So you get a game on tv and one on your tablet or phone. You don't get your home market game though, but if you verizon, you can watch it on your phone. I love it. Rides home on Sunday, I watch a game while my wife drives.
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    Tempting. Like everyone here I am traveling a lot on winter Sundays coming home from skiing. My usual MO is to record the Jets game on the home DVR, do the self imposed media blackout thing and watch when I get home. If away for a week I just miss the game altogether.
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    I think I saw that streaming Sunday Ticket to your TV is only available if Dish Network via satellite is not. I guess this is only people who's living accommodations don't allow a dish, apartment complexes. Or, if your line of sight is obstructed and can't get a signal.
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