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    Red face Dope-slap things I have done

    Here's mine.
    So here I am, fastidiously removing a door frame as we rehab our new ski club lodge. the top piece of trim proves especially difficult to liberate. A particularly persuasive yank on the prybar frees it, and it comes down, nail first, right into the top of my head. Good Lord, it wasn't at all deep, but it bled like a horror movie. I wore a hardhat the rest of the day, since I was on the demo crew!

    Actually I have two. Camping in some of the most remote areas of Baxter State Park in July, I took a canoe over to the side of the lake where Bald Eagles are known to nest. I bring all my electronic gizmos, hoping to have a harvest of pictures. Well, the birds didn't surprise me so I'm snapping away. They flew closer and closer to me until they were overhead. snap, snap snap, snap, oops, splash! Backwards into the lake, flipped the canoe and everything floated away. The camera was around my neck, the cell phone wasn't too bad for a paddle and oops, the GPS was at the bottom of the lake. got some help from some nearby fisherman acquaintances, but needless to say, nothing more could be done to the phone or the camera. Luckily, the camera had an SSD card which was recoverable. However, all the photos from that week are now neatly stored in my brain...
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    We're gonna need a longer thread...
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    I got a good one. For real only me can pull this off. I at my friends - guy I get Cannibus from years ago in after work were playing video game PlayStation 2 I think smoke has taken place and bunch of green stuff on small coffee table like a lot I ask if he has any it right their I called it obvious to obviously me lpl

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    Smoking up a cop in Hunter chair triple upper left side of mountain actually thinking it was my friend after I smoke s then pass bowl he gives me this looks asked if he enjoyed no then I thought OK he not cool with this so I ask he didn't want me to partaking while on chair yes he says tells we where on the hill others partake I say thanks like I don't know those and better spots ha ha tell my friends when I get up top most important enjoy some THC high quality stuff with Friends at hunter cool vibe in the that gracious circle thanks all looking forward to more fun thus winter soon.

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