Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Tonight


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    Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Tonight

    Tear yourself away from football and pennant races tonight for a look at a rare astrological event, the Supermoon eclipse. Luckily the forecast has improved for viewing here in Central NY. Oops, I was looking at the Boston forecast. Mostly, going to partly cloudy here. Clear for you Chowda Heads. I'm hoping to catch it between the clouds.
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    Pretty awesome so far. Got a couple good shots with my real camera that I will upload tomorrow.

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    Just going outside in a few...was driving westward a little while ago, forgot to look. Not trying to hijack but I thought the comet Hale-Bop(sp?), late 90s, was incredible to just look westward along the horizon and see something that was moving so slow, distance...etc., ...looked like a painting in the black of space. Truly awesome sight....looked like something arriving from another dimension.

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    Stopped about a mile from home on my paddle, high clouds here, still pretty cool. My best pic.
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    We watched it at different stages. Was pretty cool. While we watching it my wife asked why I did not have my telescope out.. BTW it has a USB connection to take pictures. So technically I blew it. However, it was cool to see.
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    No USB connection here, I did try lining up the eyepiece of my binoculars with the lens of the camera on my phone to no avail. It was very cool to witness in it's entirety. I could've read a book by the Moon's light after the eclipse.

    It was fun to sit by a fire too, something I hadn't done all Summer. I had to use Off to start it. Worked great, garbage everywhere, till you need a piece of it.
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    I got out for some shots with my 200mm lens. It was a tricky balance between exposure time, ISO setting (light sensitivity where the higher settings = grainier), and focus.

    Here in the northeastern US, the lunar eclipse occurred rather high in the sky, so it was difficult to find something interesting to put in the foreground. The tallest things around here are churches so I went to see what I could find.

    Blood Moon St Elizabeth Steeple by Tim_NEK, on Flickr

    SUPER BLOOD MOON _totallity by Tim_NEK, on Flickr

    Blood Moon and Baptist Church by Tim_NEK, on Flickr

    Not too often that you can get a shot of the Milky Way during a full moon:
    Blood Moon and the Milky Way by Tim_NEK, on Flickr
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    Damn that's great.

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    Not too often that you can get a shot of the Milky Way during a full moon:
    Blood Moon and the Milky Way by Tim_NEK, on Flickr
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    Supermoon Lunar Eclipse Tonight

    My photos didn't come out as near as good as Tim's but I had a great time watching one of the most beautiful celestial displays.

    My backyard row eclipse by Bob Misuraca, on Flickr

    Blood Moon by Bob Misuraca, on Flickr
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    All 3 of my batteries for my camera were just about completely discharged. Doh!

    I have an Olympus micro 4:3 camera. For outdoor full daylight shots skiing or on the boat, the long zoom lens I bought for it is just fine. It's f/5.6 zoomed all the way in which is pretty crappy for low light. I didn't have enough battery to play with it on manual running through the permutations of aperture and shudder settings. The Auto setting here is way too overexposed for what I was going for. The best I got on manual was not what I was trying to capture.

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