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    Quote Originally Posted by Jully View Post
    It is a STUNNING view of K1. Wouldn't mind if they permanently had a webcam pointed there in addition to SS.
    I was thinking the same thing. Hell I prefer this view over Superstar. Just point it back at Superstar in the spring.

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    Didn't they used to have a K1 view cam?

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    Quote Originally Posted by doublediamond View Post
    Didn't they used to have a K1 view cam?
    They did....I think it is the golf course or the showshed cam. I agree with others as the SS cam should stay until spring!

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    K zoneera forum is kabunk. Get out the aluminum foil hats for da fix. Superstar fire power good for racers. Bad for rainz tomorrow. Ice rink after.

    Vail Mothership Walmart opened their east coast headquarters. I'm sure it was epic.

    Mt Blow getting sued by the flatlanders. Standard. Settlement will happen.

    Rainz to come. Liquid pow pow. Jersey joe out!

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    Quote Originally Posted by FBGM View Post
    K zoneera forum is kabunk. Get out the aluminum foil hats for da fix.
    I checked with an admin and there is a malware issue with some files that caused the host to lock down the site. Given it's the weekend it might be a little while to get back on line.

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    Are the girls up there doing training runs Monday and Tuesday?
    It was fun to meet notables last year .. 2 in particular

    The venue this year is a much better layout.
    The course has undergone some changes as well.

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    Cam back on. Bunch of people on the hill. Snowing. At least they don't have to worry about injecting the course with water to get it FIS hard!
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    Possibly on Skyelark. Most certainly NOT on Superstar. WC hills are closed to even racers the week before an event. It's to minimize home-field advantage. The only time they are allowed on the race hill before the first run inspection is if the jury gives a freeski day. The ladies have one scheduled for Friday AM.

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    KMS kids got to ski superstar on Saturday and I was jealous

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    IIRC last year I tried to view that cam during the races and it was not available.Just watched them set up the fencing.

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