New skis! 2016 volkl RTM 86 177cm, any first hand reviews?


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    New skis! 2016 volkl RTM 86 177cm, any first hand reviews?

    I broke my number one rule this season, bought a pair of skis prior to trying them out in some way shape or form. The price was too good and I love the 2013 RTM 84s. Anyone demo the new 86s last year and have any first hand reviews?

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    No but I'd like to hear how you like them! I have the 84's and love them but will likely need to replace soon.
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    No time on them Farleyman..but here's Realskiers colorful review....*Have never thought of a ski as a drink though.
    Although Völkl plumped up the waist of the RTM 86 UVO to push it into for our All-Mountain East category, this is in all other respects a Frontside carver. “Doctor” Bob Gleason pegged it as a “go-to ski for groomers, quiet and predictable. Smooth at speed and reliable as a Ford truck.”
    The RTM 86 UVO ought to be as smooth as XO cognac for its loaded with the swankiest technology in the RTM family, including Titanal laminates, the UVO dampening device, the latest 3D.RIDGE design and a new Marker binding system engineered for the wider ski. If this amalgamation sounds as easy to bend as a balance beam, fear not; while the RTM 86 likes to linger in a long arc, it isn’t hard to handle. It’s a groomed-snow ski with a penchant for continuous carving, what was once referred to as a cruiser.

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    Haha nice, that's what I was looking for, my everyday ski has been a 98 under foot for the most part, I'm excited to get in something new that can handle cannon on a regular basis. A couple times I put my old Rossi 4g's on to get a better edge.

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    I demoed the exact ski and size last year in march on mixed spring refrozen crud hardpack.. definitely shined at medium --> high speed mid--> long arcs, very quiet stable, bulldozers, very confident in the skis ability to handle speed with no turbulence. I felt I had to muscle them a bit for shorter turns ,as they are wide, however my regular skis last year were a 163 SL race stock head's I choose for skating around the bunny hill after my kids, and i was not in the best shape, so take it with a grain of salt. Nice looking ski, have fun!

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