Happy Thanksgiving AZers


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    Happy Thanksgiving AZers

    Just wanted to take a minute to wish the AZ and their families a wonderful safe and Happy Thanksgiving, what ever your doing today. If your getting after it I'm jealous, we will just be eating with the family down here in Southern New England!!!
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    Happy Thanksgiving to all, no turns today, but Jiminy tomorrow, then either Gore or K Sunday. Can't wait to get out on my new sticks.
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    Yes Happy Thanksgiving to all! Skiing Saturday at SR and hopefully K on Sunday

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    Quote Originally Posted by dlague View Post
    Yes Happy Thanksgiving to all! Skiing Saturday at SR and hopefully K on Sunday

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    I'll get ahold of you if we decide on K Sunday. I guess their early season BOGO's are good Sunday, blacked out 11/26-11/28, the window rate is up to $74 however, but $37 is a good deal.
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    Hope your Thanksgiving is filled with love.

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    Happy t day to everyone enjoyed beer wine mj ( take some for me ) ha have a family dinner and fun times today. Looking forward to skiing again with Cornhead and others friends.

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    Happy Thanksgiving to everyone. Tentatively planning on hitting the slopes for the first time this season sometime next week.

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    Happy Thanksgiving. No skiing for me this weekend because we're not around. Beautiful day up here in Seattle.

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    Everyone have a great Thanksgiving. Will be shooting up to Quebec City in the early AM hours...will check out the temps(they're supposed to get some snow Friday night).

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