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    Usually check in with Yanet Garcia before I head north

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    Quote Originally Posted by ScottySkis View Post
    That true but only 2 bug ones in Vermont and two big ones on the Adks I believe.

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    just enter the town name where the mountain is, switch the map on the right side of the screen to satellite mode and click on the trails once you find them. i've done that for a bunch of mountains i go to and bookmarked them all

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    I run my own models. Way too much CYA and caution X 100% at nearly every weather website to get a honest assessment when you need it the most. I'll also visit ilsnow, but it's not his job so the posts are infrequent, but he's very honest and well-educated (i.e. a real meteorologist rather than a posting weather weanie).
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    2017/2018 Days - 88
    2016/2017 Days - 34
    2015/2016 Days - 57
    2014/2015 Days - 58
    2013/2014 Days - 47

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiNEwhere View Post
    Great site, especially for the west.

    Days on the Snow:

    Pre 2011:~20 per year
    2011-2012: 19
    2012-2013: 34
    2013-2014: 25
    2014-2015: 23
    2015-2015: 17

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