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    Quote Originally Posted by BackLoafRiver View Post
    A few shots from today. It rode so well. Only complaint was this heavy pull to the left. I had to counter steer a lot. Brought it back to the shop so they can reassess.
    Nice Bike. Curious where were you riding...Pics give the appearance that the trails are relatively dry?

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiMEbike View Post
    Nice Bike. Curious where were you riding...Pics give the appearance that the trails are relatively dry?

    Bath, ME. The trail was almost bone dry save a few sections.

    Actually...there is a decent downhill that comes out of the lot which was a total ice luge. It was scary as hell just walking the bike. After that, it was dry save one line along an open field. I was totally shocked. Other areas are not fairing quite as well and the warm up this week will not help.

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    I bought one a few weeks ago to ensure I could trail ride year round. We have a good community of bikers that get the popular trails packed down after storms.

    We had a foot of wet snow last week, then a warm up and now a deep freeze which has left a significant crust on all the snow.

    This has now made EVERYWHERE a freeride fatbike park. There is a clear cut behind my house that I was able to bike everywhere on, this week we are going to try out some of the local golf courses.

    This is pretty amazing. Sorry for the cell phone pics.


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    Nic pics Ironhippy.
    No snow is CT yet, well about 1/2 inch this morning that is already melted. Are you running studded tires? I'm
    m trying to decide if its worth the expense. I can get studded Vee Snowshoe XLs for about $250.00 pair. 45Nrth Dillingers are much more $$.

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    I have a 26 inch set of studded tires I run on another bike, so I will not be running studs on my fat bike.

    (in general) if you need studded tires, you don't need a fat bike because it's so icy the extra flotation is not needed. Studded fat bike tires would definitely give you more traction, but in the weather we had last winter, I was fine with skinny studded tires on the iced over trails.

    However if you only want to run one bike during the winter, a fat bike with studded tires will do it all.

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    Nice country ironhippy. Condolences on the clearcut but nice pics and country, overall.

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    Here are some from a skinny bike with studded tires in the same area




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    Nice pics! I wish we had snow on the ground here!

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