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    Nice pics indeed!!!

    Riding here has been a bust for the past two weeks unless you had some studs and a whole lot of courage. The random 3" we just got won't do a ton to help it. As with most things winter, we are in need of some snow.

    The upside is that I hear Mass is rolling pretty well right now. Seems to be dry and no residual ice. Might be worth a trip

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    Those aren't actually the good trails around here, they are just snowshoe trails that are near my house.
    The actual mountain biking trails are in better shape, but are pretty icy after rain we had last week so studs are mostly mandatory.

    And we had a race at the local ski hill last weekend. I was out of town so I didn't attend.


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    The snow has changed again, we have a rain crust that you can walk on everywhere.

    The fat biking is amazing, here is a picture from Tuesday when I rode all over one of the local golf courses20170131_132919_resized.jpg

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    Nice scenery. Never tried riding a fat bike in the snow.

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