When is the last day for snowmaking


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    When is the last day for snowmaking

    So in the year that wasn't I was wondering what the consensus is on last day of snowmaking? Do you think areas will go later into the winter/early spring if Temps allow since they didn't spend a lot in late fall/early winter?
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    Word for the hill at Bretton Woods is they have one more week planned. Typically they would be done already.
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    In NH probably right after Mass Vacation ! That's usually the norm but who knows this year

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    I know Catamount plans on another snowmaking period after the warmup. Hunter...no idea.

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    Quote Originally Posted by JDMRoma View Post
    In NH probably right after Mass Vacation ! That's usually the norm but who knows this year

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    This is what I usually remember. Even in good snow years attendance drops off after that time.

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    Usual is mid Feb. but K blows in March on SS. I have seen Sunapee blow in March also one year. It depends on budgets.
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    I just can't see how we will see the end of March this season the way things are right now. What a shame, especially coming off last season which was so damn good. There's always hope for the early March dump I guess, right?
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    It was an exception to the rule, but in the blowtorch spring of 2012. SR turned the guns back on for many trails in late March, and gained a very large number of Brit vacationers in early April that were turned away from an early closing that year at K.

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    It's probably not a specific date, but when the mountain feels that they have adequate base of snow to get them through Presidents' Week. Last year, a lot of places shut down snowmaking by late January. There are of course a few of the late-season areas who keep going much longer. And a few, who have late-season commitments, such as "the British Invasion" for which they need to ensure adequate snow cover.

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    The way this winter has gone I am sure there will be an extension to the normal snowmaking schedule especially will the warm up next week.

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