Berkshire east passholder questions


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    Berkshire east passholder questions

    I'm looking for some info on frequently skiing the beast. I have skied BE many times but never for a whole season. We mainly ski magic for the terrain and the great people. We're looking for a mountain that is decently challenging but has great consistency. With an 8 yo that will ski anything and a 4yo beginning I'm thinking this place fits the bill. My only worry is getting bored with its size. My questions are this.

    Are you glad you bought passes to the beast?
    Do you get bored skiing the beast after a while?
    Do they still do a decent park?
    Are you satisfied with the amount of snow they make?
    Do they have volunteer days/local vibe?
    Thanks for any info you care to share.

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    Paging Catsup948. He should be able to answer all of your questions and more on BEast
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    Heading there for the first time ever in March. Hoping for some natural to play in. Third try, last two attempts I bailed because there wasn't enough snow to make it worth the extra drive time.
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    I've been in the spring in recent years, and I've been amazed with how much snow was left on closing day(snowmaking trails) I have never been in the woods yet though.

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    As someone who grew up skiing at Magic and Berkshire East 40 years ago when I was your kid's age, I couldn't think of many better places to make your home mountain to ski with your kids. It is a great medium sized hill that has really solid management and puts out a consistent product...things that Magic hasn't had in a long time. The BEast, while not as steep as some of the bigger areas to the north, has really fun, interesting, old school terrain that follows the contours of the mountain, unlike most ski areas in southern NE.

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    Thanks for the replies. I definitely like the mountain. I guess what I'm looking for is can you spend 20-30 days there without getting sick of the place. Also my kid really wants to lap a park from time to time. Have they been keeping with the park under the chair? Lastly do the trees get good when filled with snow or is it all rock? We certainly plan to hit the bike park this summer too.

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    Full disclosure: I work for the mountain, so haven't bought a pass in about a dozen years, but, I love the place. When the woods fill in they are as good as anywhere.

    Priority for the mountain is racing, expanding snowmaking to all possible trails, then natural terrain, then park. There is no park yet this year.

    Grooming is excellent with a new groomer replacing an old regularly. Lifts are all fixed grip, but regularly maintained.

    There is good variety to the trails, it takes about 20 days without natural trails to get tired of the man made trails. We are pretty aggressive about opening things up. You rarely see trails closed but skiable like you do at Magic.

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    Thanks hado226, great info. Do you guys have volunteer days?

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    Locals get nearly free reign in the woods. Patrol usually holds a few clear the glades days mid fall. Nothing really organized for the masses.

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