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    Quote Originally Posted by Edd View Post
    Just got word that Gunstock is dead. Presumably due to cold. That's bad for this particular weekend. Gunstock usually kills it on any Saturday.
    Skied with the wife and Kids at SB today till 2p. Mid-Mountain was at -16 below at the time and -18 below at the top. Great snow, just keep moving and you stay warm.

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    Ya my family did not want to go skiing based on news reports that wind chills were going to be -27 today. F'n news blew it. Slept in and got up leisurely this morning stepped outside around 10 and whoa it was nice out? WTF! I kept complaining that we should have gone skiing today. Was not winning point with the wife. She was a little upset too that the weather report was so far off. Suggested going tomorrow but that will be the peak of the cold temps. So two days lost.

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    Dave it will be a ghost town tomorrow it was dead today. Top to bottom runs and the Tram is your friend. Chairs were brutal ..... Tram was nice. Conditions are worth it. Front 5 under the guns =nice

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    Skied almost all day today! We'll see if I make it out tomorrow morning in -17
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    Today would have been a warm up last year.

    Last night a friend was giving me advice on how to avoid frozen pipes because of what a mutual friend told him. He said there was supposed to be wind chills of -65. I laughed and said "Where? Mt Washington?" I can only guess the information received by another friend came from WMUR or The Weather Channel fear mongers.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Scruffy View Post
    Saw on the news today that NYC canceled some sort of ICE festival in central park tomorrow, because it will be 0 F degrees !! Yes, we have become a nation of wusses.
    This. Oh the Irony...
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    Quote Originally Posted by Scruffy View Post
    Saw on the news today that NYC canceled some sort of ICE festival in central park tomorrow, because it will be 0 F degrees !! Yes, we have become a nation of wusses.
    NYer's get what they deserve with De Blasio. They want a daddy, they got it. I went skiing today. It was cold, it was windy (and snowy at times with a couple of good bursts in the am). Good PP and some nice choices of bumps today (Rocket ROTD). My fingers pay the price of frostbite when young as the pain gets to me. After lunch it kind of got pleasant for a while in the sun but once that dropped so did the temps. Probably will skip tomorrow and sleep.


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    Wuss here.

    Being I can pick my days I'll pass.

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    Canyon quad at Killington on hold today for exposure. Never heard that one before.

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    A little brisk at Mount Snow this AM (I took the picture at 7:45AM on my back deck) and that doesn't even account for the 15-20mph winds!! Weather Channel is saying the wind chill in the area is -46!

    Think I'll wait until noon or so to go grab a few turns
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