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    Looks terrible for the next two weeks. Ugh.

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    Maybe. The seasonal trend of storms coming south within 5 days might start working with the weekend storm. SNE on south is probably in trouble but the mountains of NNE could start cashing in again soon.


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    Hope the temps remained acceptable in the mountains....was in 40s(may have hit 50) in Bangor on Sunday. The same old temp swing following a week of snow..horrible.

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    Still better than last winter.....

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    Quote Originally Posted by andrec10 View Post
    Still better than last winter.....
    true dat!

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    Way better and it's not over!

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    Local weather guy (Who is also a big snowmobiler) was hinting on cooler temps and more storms rolling in as we get into March. Hoping he's right!

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    I don't post in this thread often but will remind you all that this type of winter with big temp swings and a lot of snow was forecasted before winter even began.

    My point is that anyone who watches the forecasting should be relatively pleased that it is all working out as predicted.

    I've had a bunch of ridiculous ski days in the past 4 weeks starting with my visit to Wildcat at the end of January and am nothing but pleased at this point in the season.

    A week of spring warmth? Welcome to the East Coast. Be happy it's 50's and 60's and not 80's like a few years ago.

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    70 Yesterday but kind of unusual in the sense that these warm ups in the past are associated with high humidity . Was a nice low humidity level the last few days ....It's going to be bad for the Poconos but at least the country as a whole is doing ok .

    Edit ....I don't know what it is but the picture post has a mind of it's own ...was straight before.

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    More snow favored after the thaw. Check out Best Weather Inc.'s ski forecast http://www.bestweatherinc.com/weathe...ch-april-snow/

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