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    Quote Originally Posted by Glenn View Post
    Allegedly, a little snow in the Southern Greens today. Tomorrow could be tough. Sunday and Monday look like sleet.
    You're more optimistic than i am. Monday to Wednesday could be hellish. Warm and very wet.

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    Yeah, now NWS out of Albany is calling for a mix Saturday and Sunday...with rain on Monday. I've been checking the forecast for Stratton specifically.

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    4" so far in Plymouth, NH right now. Not bad considering yesterday NWS was predicting less than an inch.
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    Hunter not looking good this weekend. Can't complain, I have 43 days in!

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    Snow and sleet most of the day at Killington, nice powder still on north facing aspects....today

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    Quote Originally Posted by 180 View Post
    Snow and sleet most of the day at Killington, nice powder still on north facing aspects....today
    My spring pass is in hand. Bring on the corn harvest.

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    Not so bad for the weekend; snow yesterday and a. It of rain later in the afternoon today. Tomorrow isn't looking so good.

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    3-5 inches of sleet? Sounds a lot better than the liquid stuff. The few times that I've skied sleet, It's been great. Very floaty.


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    Rain in SoVT now. Temp just above freezing. Think it's about the same in the Southern Greens. This would have been a nice storm had it trended cooler.

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    Looks like a nice 40's trend in April then switching to 50's for the Northeast!
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