Sugarloaf - 3/12-13/16


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    Camera Sugarloaf - 3/12-13/16

    Date(s) Skied: March 12 & 13, 2016
    Resort or Ski Area: Sugarloaf
    Conditions: Machine Groomed, Corn, Ice. Bluebird. Summit Temps High 20's to low 30's. Some wind on Saturday...Gusty winds on Sunday & sustained winds 30+ mph with higher gusts (Timberline & KPine on windhold).
    Trip Report:
    Quick Report from the weekend....WOW, what a difference a week makes!!

    Similar to other reports from the NE, lots of snow loss over the course of a week. Last weekend we were skiing au natural trails with some decent cover, a few glades, and a few options from the summit. Fast forward to this past weekend: All natural trails are closed, glades are not skiable, and trail count has dropped by nearly half. The weather made a huge difference in turning boring conditions into two enjoyable days on the mountain. Coincidentally, the stops at Bullwinkle get a little longer, and the end of day scene at the Beach/Widowmaker was busy both Saturday & Sunday.

    Nothing special to report about conditions...It never really warmed up enough to have a full on corn harvest. Trails with lots of snowmaking skied the best (Kings, Hayburner, Ramdown). A weekend of skiing where you really had to commit to your edges & stick to the edges of the trails.

    Outlook...The Loaf will survive at least until Reggae, however what will be open & what kind of product we have at that time will be interesting. A big rain event and/or significant duration of warm weather will do some major damage. The base is thin everywhere (except on the heavy snowmaking trails Kings & Hayburner). As Ethan stated on the SL chat, “they will do everything they can to ensure that there is ample skiing/riding “ heading into Reggae. I would not be surprised if the Loaf fires up some guns this week to build up some base on the critical spots. The summit is not expected to dip below freezing this week except for maybe a few hours on Tuesday into Weds. Also, the Loaf is forecasted to pick up a few inches of snow here & there this week….The elevation will help the loaf survive a lot longer than most, and it can always churn out a surprise snow storm this time of year. I am not throwing in the towel yet…However get out & enjoy it while we got it…It feels like we went right from February straight to April.

    Trail of the Day: Ramdown (sad when that is the best trail from the weekend).

    Hayburner (looking up & then down):

    Gondi Ext (looking up & down):

    Parting shot from the Widowmaker:

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    Nice pics!

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    Hope they turn on the guns one more time.

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    Yeah, me too - will be there 3/25...hope the blow a little more snow when they can.


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    Guns coming on Friday & a N'oreaster in the forecast for Sunday night...Maybe we will end the season with a bang !!

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