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    Boots n' Buckles

    So step 1 in any ski gear summer storage guide is to buckle your boots so they hold their shape. I don't think anyone is going to debate that...

    Do you keep your boots buckled during the season when you're not skiing? I typically keep them buckled til I boot up, and buckle them again once the boots are off at the end of the day. Exception being bus trips when the boots are stored under the bus in the cold- I will keep them unbuckled so it's easier to put them on at the mountain when they're cold.

    Does it really make a difference if the boots are unbuckled for a few days in between ski sessions? I keep them buckled out of habit/practice, but if someone can give me a reason as to why (or why not to) I'd like to hear it.
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    I keep mine buckled mostly so they will fit into the bootbag. They are buckled unless they are on the boot drier.
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    ha, I had no idea.

    I'm pretty sure mine have been unbuckled since the last time I used them in April.

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    I keep them buckled all the time. Pull the liners out every night.

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    Overnight I leave the shells unbuckled to allow the seams to dry. Pull the liners out during the season after skiing. Had plugs with lace up liners in last boot so they stayed out til I tied up and stepped in. New ones back to regular liners and will likely Jeep them out til I'm ready to boot up.

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    The insoles I have don't do well being pulled out of the boot regularly, so I don't remove the liners, but I do keep them buckled all the time. Leaving them unbuckled for a day or two I'm sure is fine, but it's the habit that's important for when you do leave them for awhile.

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    Buckled..easier to get into later.
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    I always keep mine buckled

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    Admittedly my summer gear storage involves washing clothing. The rest stays as it was plunked down on last day of the year lol (so usually muddy). At end of ski day I only reconnect the Velcro strap. I leave buckles undone - so they dry better and for some reasons buckling up every time seems like it would cause too much setting of boot to one size. My feet are always swelling up and down - so have no reliable setting - it's a crapshoot every day. I got 300 days out of my last boots, so I'm not worried about boot life lol.

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    I usually buckle them up when I'm done skiing. If I'm traveling I almost always pull the liners and put them over whatever heat source is there to dry. I did melt a plastic portion of one of my liners doing this at a B&B near Jay. A little mystified how the apparently hot water radiator could get hot enough to melt plastic, but it did. I should invest in a boot dryer so I can just leave them assembled. There can be alot of moisture between the shells and liners, I guess a boot dryer would dry this too.

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