The Peaceful Valley - Gore Mountain, NY


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    Video The Peaceful Valley - Gore Mountain, NY

    We ask that you watch this one to the end - you might like what you see...
    Our son narrated, which to us is special.

    Featured on the Gore Mountain website we bring you " Peaceful Valley":

    Peaceful Valley (by Alicia Alba)

    Every Friday,
    We head out of the city;
    To escape the hustle and bustle,
    And to find our little piece of serenity.

    This weekend is no different.
    We are especially excited,
    Because we are headed to Gore Mountain,
    A place we have not skied in many years.

    It truly is a beautiful place.
    By taking just a short Gondola from the base,
    You find yourself,
    In the middle of the Adirondack Park.

    It is a place,
    To lose oneself in its tranquility.
    Those that find it,
    Know the feeling.

    You return.
    Even if just for a little while,
    To get that feeling once again,
    Of Peaceful Valley.

    Thank you,
    The Alba Family

    Location: Gore Mountain, NY

    Shot with Nikon p7700 and Firefly6S

    In cooperation with, Sartatoga Skier and Gore Mountain
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