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So these hatches are like the ones you get on the Beaverkill in the Catskills. Clouds of mayflies. I guess you don't see dead ones in mats because the water is shallower and faster running.

Driving on 17 in the evening can require stops to clean your windshield with Windex more than once the bugs are so thick.
Yes....but I suspect there are stretches of the Delaware/Susquehanna that have mud bottoms with a little slower current flow than say the Beaverkill = often producing heavier hatches of that specific mayfly... Beats me why...they just seem to thrive, in greater numbers, on the slightly slower current...even in still waters(bogs/ponds/lakes) up here. Have a pic of them covering a parked car's windshield & hood in a lot in Greenville, just off the water(Moosehead Lake's southern end)...have to find it on a CD(will update when found).. Surprised, with the size of that hatch down there, that someone hasn't produced a B-SciFy/Horror flick from it yet...