Percentage of Injuries


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    Percentage of Injuries

    Playing slightly off the drop in skier visits this season, the stat I would be interested in seeing (and I don't know if it could be figured out) is the percentage of injuries incurred in a season such as this past one compared to say last season with a lot of snow. Some people (probably some here) took some hard shots off of hard surfaces this year. I wonder if the injury percentage increased with the lack of snow. I know I stayed away when conditions were marginal.


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    Not a percentage but I know more people that got ACL tears this season than ever before. Funny part, everyone got the tears our west.
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    Broken shoulder for me. I know of two women that tore and partially tore ACL's.
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    My dad caught a rut on a groomer, spun around, flipped over, and slammed his ankle into the ground in February. It was swollen and sore for a while and he didn't ski the rest of the season after that.

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    Slap tear in left shoulder mid February on an awkward fall.... That ended ski season .... In the midst of if PT......,,,

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    No injuries but a broken ski and 3 binding releases. Went three years without an eject and only once last year but this year things were a lot firmer . I didn't get out as much this year , I try for quality vs quantity most years. Ill bet the Poconos were in better shape this season vs New England just not as much acreage to cover .They did dress things up a lot but underlying base was concrete.

    Are resorts required to report injury stats ? I would think they would hide behind HIPA on that ? Or say a certain trail has a lot of accidents in one spot , sounds like a legal problem if info gets out?
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    I'd bet injuries were down this year & not because of less skier visits.

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    No injuries but I forgot how unforgiving manmade snow can be when there is zero natural.

    The season just seemed to wear on me by the end.

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    You guys are making me feel better that I only got out for 1/2 day.

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    Quote Originally Posted by steamboat1 View Post
    I'd bet injuries were down this year & not because of less skier visits.

    Stop the brutal grooming.
    I thought injuries were up due to all the ICE but maybe I'm wrong !!

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