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    Gear deals

    Bunch of gear deals now. Been looking for a pair of ski pants with integrated suspenders and no bib. Vertika has everything 50% off but not exactly what I'm looking for. Picked up some smith mag googles at rei in feb; been looking for a pair for my daughter, steep and cheap offering 40% off.

    Post any deals you find here, next season will arrive eventually.

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    No doubt that there will be TONS of deals shortly. I'm all set for now.
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    i ordered salomon snow pants on the climb. $180 retail 50% off + 15% off code. $85 shipped. they should be here today. i'm almost positive they are gonna be too big and i'll need to deal with returning them. but i need new pants and the price was right. i fluctuate between M and L depending on brand.

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