Wildcat Mountain 2016-2017 season thread


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    Wildcat Mountain 2016-2017 season thread

    Looking really good up there. Guns and hoses are in position, slopes are well manicured.

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    More from today
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    Nice pic. On vacation this week. Will drive by tomorrow

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    Wow. Those are beautiful pictures. Didn't realize they took that good care of the slopes in the off season!

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    i hope to pop my Wildcat cherry this season, with my peak pass.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Jully View Post
    Didn't realize they took that good care of the slopes in the off season!
    I didn't either. The trails were definitely trimmed in the past few weeks. I hiked part way up Lynx a few weekends ago when the Gondola was on wind hold and it hadn't been trimmed.

    I really haven't spent much time up there in summer prior to this year outside of driving up to take a look if I'm in the MWV for other purposes. This year four times I've taken advantage of my pass benefit of being able to take one free ride daily up the gondola. Each time I've walked down instead of taking the lift. Polecat only prior to today when I decided to go Middle Lynx to Catenary.

    Today was the busiest I had seen the parking lot of all my visits this summer/fall. Pretty much peak foliage and great weather will do that I guess.

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    Foliage in the valley is excellent right now. Very good year.

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