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    First Timer at AlpineZone Summit

    I am so excited for my first AlpineZone Summit! Can't wait to break out some fabulous coon skin hats and flannels for the apres ski party!

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    My first as well! Looking forward to it!

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    Quote Originally Posted by bigbog View Post
    I have lodging & lift tix(Pass)....but would look forward to associating some AZ usernames with people. Nick(or anyone)...what are some times to shoot for to hit both Friday's Welcome Party and Saturday's Apres Party with actual AZ people present and not just the janitors
    The Friday night party starts at 9pm. Usually people slowly filter in as many are just getting there after driving up after work that day. I recall this party as usually being pretty low-key.

    Saturday's party starts at 4pm, but a lot of people ski right up to 4pm and filter in as they get off the slopes. I'd say by 4:30/4:45 we're probably at as big a crowd as we're going to get.

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    I still haven't called The Loaf to see what's up for lodging for those with tickets and after the original date set in the thread. Had anyone else done this in the past week or so?

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    Pretty excited for this weekend. THINK SNOW!

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    For everyone

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