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    Quote Originally Posted by bvibert View Post
    The Friday night party starts at 9pm. Usually people slowly filter in as many are just getting there after driving up after work that day. I recall this party as usually being pretty low-key.

    Saturday's party starts at 4pm, but a lot of people ski right up to 4pm and filter in as they get off the slopes. I'd say by 4:30/4:45 we're probably at as big a crowd as we're going to get.
    Thanks for the info Brian!


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    Skied today, conditions are prime. Should be great next weekend if this midweek storm shapes up!

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    This weekend is going to be insane! Can't wait

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    Trying to get my 5 posts in in order to move into the Alpine Zone thread!! So excited for my forst year and all the fun this weekend!!

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    Dis you all see the weather outlook?? Lots of fresh pow pow in the forecase for this week and this weekend! First tracks will be amazing!!

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    Brian - how long does Apres ski party last??

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    How do i track how many times I've posted?? Trying to reach my five post requirement to ensure I can rock my seeet coonskin hat at apres Ski!

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