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    Quote Originally Posted by Siliconebobsquarepants View Post
    I think she quit once she set the hook. She hates the cold now ,it's 50 outside and her fingers are like ice. She's rather petite so not much mass from which to loose heat ? She enjoys a good hike but hibernates when it's below 60f. It would be nice if she did but I kind of enjoy the me time.
    Yah, the cold is what drives my wife away too. She is also very petite. And I haven't been able to get her to come over to my view point of "I don't care what it looks like as long as it keeps me warm". Too much style and not enough function makes for a cold wife.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey View Post
    Too much style and not enough function makes for a cold anyone.
    It is amazing how many people favor style over function!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Whitey View Post
    Chicks, man. . .

    Back in my younger days I came to the realization that as a single guy living in Boston that if you really wanted to close the deal - there's absolutely nothing better than going on a "ski date" with a girl. Day trip from Boston. Even if they didn't ski - do the bunny slope and have them hanging on your arm the whole day. Even better, you can sneak into the date - "hey, going skiing Saturday and my buddy bailed. You wanna go?" Best way to out kick your coverage and "date up" is to have them not realize it's a date until you are about half way thru that date. And it's the gift that keeps on giving: when you really want go to the next level = the overnight ski trip. Ski, apres ski, club it, then back to the hotel room - wow.

    All the single guys on this board - you're welcome.

    I never really fell out of skiing, but it was in my early 20's living in Boston and "ski dating" a lot that I kind of fell back into it and have been skiing a lot ever since. Since then the love of the sport has taken back over for all of the reasons that others have noted in this thread.

    And yes, my 1st real date with my wife of 23 yrs now - was a "ski date". . . And I did definitely out kick my coverage with my wife.
    I married a ski date too. Our first date was March 2, 1985 . We married in 1991 and we’re still together!
    I remember that first date like it was yesterday. I go to pick her up and she comes to the door with very good skis taller than she was. When we get to the slopes she basically bombs the run to the bottom without stopping, in perfect 1985 form with skis perfectly parallel, then it’s the same next run and the next until the place closes. She skis just like me! I’m instantly in love.

    I made the mistake of taking her out west a few years back, now she won't ski in New England unless it's a bluebird day! She is small and has Raynauds disease plus some visual issues in low light. Out west she loved the bright days! Since she basically stopped skiing we sold our Mount Snow place last April. She still will cross country/backcountry ski since she stays warmer doing that. We're hoping to do more if that this year once we get the conditions. We have booked 4 day trip to Smugs for Feb. We're hoping for sunny and not super cold weather.
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    One of my ski dates was with the bosses daughter, He pulls me aside and asks "Bob do you go out on dates? " I knew he had a nice looking daughter but being the wiseass that I am said . " Glen your not my type" , He turned beet red and and with clinched teeth said,"I'm talking about my daughter". She was Ok at first and on another ski outing just would'nt stop tucking it. She lost control and wiped out hit and ice patch and injured her back. We're in the ER and she starts telling her dad someone broke her boot ? Blaming everyone else for crashing ? Ok enough info for me, Dad had a bit of a psyco rep so I moved on.

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    Just read this post and what a great positive way to start out this season!!!!!!!! Ski ya later!!!!!
    Go for the snow!!!!!!

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