Wildcat 12-12 Powder day!


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    Wildcat 12-12 Powder day!

    It was a hell of a drive getting up 16 early in the morning, but totally worth it!
    As I got closer to the mountain, I was seeing more and more snow fall. They only advertised 5-6ish inches, but I feel there was definitely more like 10-12 in places over the course of the day.

    I got to the lot at 9:20, booted up at the car and hopped right onto the lift.
    Lots of untracked still available!

    I saw a couple of tracks under the rope for Top Cat, so I followed suit and started there and took it down Starlight. Only have photos from the lift, it was too much fun to take a shot and I didn't want to get busted being right under the lift and easily identifiable!

    I then cut over Upper Catapult to Black cat.

    (looking up Black Cat)

    More Black Cat. It needs to fill in more, but still a blast. Took a couple core shots to my new skis, but whatever. Thats what they're for!

    Don't remember, probably middle catapult.

    Lynx crossing/catwalk

    Middle Catapult

    Middle Wildcat

    Those were both a dream. On Ryans suggestion, I checked out Cheetah and put one of the first 5 tracks down that one. What a blast!!

    Ripped Bobcat after that.

    Polecat and Tomcat Schuss were incredible, too.

    The only thing I didn't do until my last run was Upper Wildcat to Middle Wildcat, Wildcat Pitch, to lower wildcat since it had a rope on it most of the day. Honestly, I should've ducked that one with everyone else, it was an outstanding last run!!

    As quick as I was poaching, lines were being dropped. The claim at the end of the day was ski patrol opened 90% of the mountain.

    At 10:30, the guy scanning badges said he has 701 scans.

    It was a busy day, but with everyone spread out, you'd never know it.

    What. A Blast.
    The chairlift is a free rollercoaster!

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    Looks like a great day, adventurous too. That run down Black Cat looks like a rock garden but based on the tracks you did find a line!

    Am I wrong or are skiers slightly mentally insane coming into this year after the horrible year last year. Talk about foaming at the mouth with the December goods!

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    Way to get after it Ray! Looks awesome

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    Looks amazing. Psyched to get up there tomorrow, but definitely jealous of those who got the goods today.

    701 skiers would have been a good Saturday last season!

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    Pretty tasty leftovers today. Heavy winds moved snow around quite a bit and made for some surfy meringue pie snow.

    Trees down low are still too sketchy for my liking. The mountain still needs a couple feet of snow to really go off, but it's a great start so far. Today was far better than any day last year.

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    That is a nice place to lay down some fresh tracks, though that rock line, looked sort of dangerous. Great photo.. Great report too..

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    Great reports. Any signs of snowmaking in process on any of the unopened terrain or terrain that needs some base building? Just curious how the place is going to hold up with xmas vacation week around the corner.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RHODYTURNS View Post
    Great reports. Any signs of snowmaking in process on any of the unopened terrain or terrain that needs some base building? Just curious how the place is going to hold up with xmas vacation week around the corner.
    All of Lynx and Polecat are good to go with a man made base. Upper Catapult > Middle Wildcat > Bobcat route also good to go.

    Guns were being set up on Cheetah on Tuesday, but I'm not sure how much they were turned on this week.

    I'd anticipate the next good window they will focus on Cheetah and the Snowcat area followed by Wild Kitten > Alley Cat > Lower Catapult in that order. After that who knows. Likely some refreshing and base building on Lynx and Polecat.

    I'm most interested to see if any snow is made this year on trails that have pipe, but don't or rarely see man made snow. Tomcat Schuss, Catenary, Black Cat, Top Cat, Lift Lion, Upper Wildcat. Of all of those, my hope is they hit Black Cat this year. A few years ago they did and the combination of Whales and Bumps lasted well into spring and was super fun.

    One thing is for certain. The mountain's claim of 90% terrain coverage with snowmaking has never come close to being met since I started skiing there 10 years ago. I'd say 60-70% terrain coverage is the reality most years.

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