Hokkaido, Japan (Jan 4-10, 2017)


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    Hokkaido, Japan (Jan 4-10, 2017)

    My ski-bumming season is about to start. Just arrived at Hirafu, Japan. In the island of Hokkaido.
    Will be in Japan for a week. Can't promise photos every day, but will try my best

    This is my first time skiing in Japan. So needless to say, I'm quite excited.

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    Looking forward to the reports!

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    Have fun ABC. Looking forward to your reports and photo's.


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    That is friggin awesome! Looking forward to the TR. Get after it!

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    Have wonderful trip!

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    This one will probably be short, since I had trouble accessing the site yesterday. Also it was all socked-in, so no photos.

    Day 0 (Jan 4): arrived at Hirafu

    Had just enough time to stop by the rental shop before they closed up. The forecast was not expecting any significant snow. They didn't have the exact dimensions of skis I had in mind. So I opted for the narrower one. A decision I would come to regret the next morning.

    Day 1 (Jan 5): Hirafu

    It snowed overnight. Not a lot, just enough to obscure little bumps. Visibility was poor and the top lifts were down on wind hold. So it was crowded.

    I hooked up up with a Aussie family staying at the lodge and just following them around. They've been coming to this resort for many years so know the place well. So on my first run, as a "warm up" on something" not too difficult", we dropped down some steep bumps right off the lift! Fortunately, the bumps were only 50 yard long.

    Next thing, we were in the trees! That was a bit too intense for my first run of the season on a rental ski that's a bit too narrow and too short for the condition ( because we didn't expect a lot of snow).

    But that's when I got my first taste of famous Japanese light powder!

    Snow was calf height. It was so light it just disappeared as if it's not there when it meets the skis!!!

    Unfortunately, every skier from Australia seems to be there! So whatever powder we got, there's no going back for 2nd serving. (We didn't get first chair either, because by local standards, it wasn't considered a powder day) once the powder got chopped up, it ... well just like any chopped up powder.

    After a lunch break, I decided to go in and change up into a fatter and longer plank. But condition had deteriorated considerably in the afternoon. The groomer was slick. Visibility got even worse. Sometimes it was hard to figure out up from down. so I quit relatively early at around 3:30.

    Actually, I did take one photo. It shows the Hokkaido definition of "non-powder":
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    Non powder? That looks pretty awesome to me! Jealous that you get to go on this bitching trip!
    The chairlift is a free rollercoaster!

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    This Picture, taking today, shows why the previous wasn't considered a "powder": because it was consolidated powder rather than fluffy powder as in THIS picture

    ( why does my pictures rotated after upload? It was taken right side up. I tried three times and rotated them twice myself. I had the same problem two days ago when I uploaded that penguin picture too. I'm giving up, you'll just have to twist your screen to see it )

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    Awesome, enjoy!

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