Bad news , I'm done.


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    Bad news , I'm done.

    After a visit to a team of REDO ortho surgeons in Saratoga the past two days and a battery of tests the Total Hip Replacement done 16 months ago has loosened uo in the femoral portion of the device . I have been in excruciating pain the past 5 days . For the past 16 months this has gotten progressively worse , first thay. Though a tendon was impinged , then they thought it was a nerve issue and after 2 nerve blocks and one libe shot no change .then it was thought to be a muscle. Issue . I did NOTHING to cause the loosening . No falls , no jumping , nothing

    PROBLEM was diagnosed that the femoral part of the unit was TOO short . This was a judgement call during initial surgery basd on evaluations BUT being too short in did not angulate properly in the femoral bone cavity and moved causing additional bone growth at the top of the head of the unit causing mondo pain .

    So the redo team has seen this many times , it is a team of 10 orthos , one of which is a former teammate of my son . They did a battery of test yestrday and today in Saratoga , iam now home 200 miles north and will have a bone density test then return for a final data analysis of all the tests and the talk about scheduling of a new surgery to replace the femoral unit . He will creat a small window on. The site and go in

    so by the time this all heals ip and rehab is completed i will be 75 and have missed 2 1/2 seasons so returning to this even if a highly sucessful rehab will be a major lift . Golf will also be out probably this summer till this heals

    so its been a good run , i am thankful for the past 40 plus yrs of sliding sports and will still hang out here to enjoy everyones experiences and of course to bust your chops,on
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    Sorry to hear about the issues with your hip replacement Warp. I hope you have a successful 2nd surgery and all goes well. As far as skiing in the future, never say never.

    Good luck, keep us posted.

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    Sad to hear this too! Always enjoyed you input and you graciously shared your story and it was cool to see you return. Hope things go better this second time around. Best wishes!

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    Man, sorry to hear this Warp. I wish you the best with the new surgery and hope you beat all odds on best case scenarios of recovery.

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    Hey you can ski in your 80s.. keep your head up

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    Quote Originally Posted by mriceyman View Post
    Hey you can ski in your 80s.. keep your head up

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    And then some!

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    Sorry to hear that.
    Live, Ski or Die Trying!!!
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    Hang in there Warp, hopefully the results of the next procedure will be more successful.

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    Sorry to hear Warp. I hope the new surgery goes off without a hitch.


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    sorry to hear the news Warp.
    shit happens, wear a helmet.

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