Bolton Valley - Feb 5 2017


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    Bolton Valley - Feb 5 2017

    After a pretty lame Saturday at Stratton I talked my wife into another day trip to Bolton Valley. They advertised a lot of snow lately and a foot and a half in the last couple days.

    Got an early start, skied a full day starting on Vista, then lots of runs over at Timberline, then Wilderness and back to Vista to wrap it up.

    Some runs:

    Lost Boyz... did one on Lost Boyz and took another run thru Lost Girlz. Boyz was loose packed powder bumps and as always there are a couple small icy cliffs, these were more fun than usual thanks to soft landings and easy approach. Girlz had a lot less tracks through it, kind of heavy but dry powder. Required utilization of jump turns in the steep top part.

    Cobrass > Cobrass Woods... Cobrass lacked any ice at all even around the curve, best I've skied it. Went into Cobrass Woods (left side) and it was really snowy and fresh in there. Like most woods at Bolton the topography and flow of the mountain only add to the experience.

    TNT... for some reason I assumed this would be icy until we skied it for the last run of the day. Light packed pow all the way down. Great fall line skiing.

    Preacher > Devil's Playground... Preacher was ice moguls. Large ice moguls made of actually ice. Kind of a treacherous descent down to Playground. Playground was good, difficult in the chutes but skiable. There was really only 1 turn I wussed out on trying to make as it was steep enough and slick enough to cause mandatory skidding anyway.

    Dougs Woods... just great

    Wilderness side woods... Upper woods were beautiful mostly untouched... middle was in prime condition... lower (flatter) woods were a lot of fun well tracked out but 100% soft snow real swishy stuff to ski fast through.. woods on the other side (Outlaw woods and the ones below them) were equally good

    Most of the actual trails were the best conditions I've skied all year, and we enjoyed those a lot including long sections of untouched soft-snow corduroy as we moved around the mountain on a pretty uncrowded day. We got over to Timberline area by 10:00 and most people didn't show up there till after noon.

    Fantastic day, we skied most of the woods on the mountain. If I had time for another couple runs I'd have done the woods off the top left of Preacher, they were looking prime.

    Bolton is such a fun mountain and so low key, I think I had a better time today than last Sunday at Jay Peak with deeper/fresher snow.

    Dougs Woods


    Cobrass Woods
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    Lost Girlz

    Lost Girlz

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    Looks juicy tuna.. still undecided what to hit next weekend

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    If you can wait till last minute to decide I probably would. I'm already booked at Gore and Whiteface for next weekend. Hoping for the best.

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