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    This would be nice, with most of it falling in a 5 to 6 day window which makes it somewhat believable. The week before we head to Steamboat no less. Models have been moving it in/out so i guess it depends on which side of eenee meenee miney mo we end up on.


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    Let's hope they're not coastal storms. Some real snow next week ahead of next weekend would be wonderful.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dlague View Post
    Well it looks like there is a snow train headed towards New England. Looking at the forecasts, there seem to be 3-4 events in the the next couple weeks where 3-5 inch snow systems come in which will be great to touch up surfaces.
    We need much more than just touching up surfaces. We need that big storm next week to hit interior New England to get us back on track.

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    Quote Originally Posted by VTKilarney View Post
    Colder weather is good news, but let's not get overly excited about snowmaking. The snowmaking this time of year is going to be extremely limited.
    Totally wrong.Depends which mt.A lot have just used it as window dressing.With these unusually low temps they cam make snow as efficient and deep as any time during the winter.I was amazed at how much snow Cannon made last week.20-30 ft high whales everywhere.And they are back at it again today for this real cold stretch.
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