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    blow torch

    this blow torch weather sux.

    it was great in the morning yesterday and all the powder we had here at jay peak started melting fast.
    now, most of the main arteries are showing the icy surface. slushy.

    this weather sux.

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    Same in the MWV - lots of base is going away this week!

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    I'm so damn satisfied after last week I could care less and tbh it was nice skiing bumps at the crotch in warm sunshine today. I bet winter will return before its done. There's still a lot of base to lose in the meantime.

    This weather makes me want to ride bikes though

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    blow torch

    And same here in the ADK's. Gore was awesome Saturday and woods were as good as they get. By the end of the day a few rocks began to show themselves. Only going to get worse this week.

    It's a good thing we have the base we do on natural trails because we are going to need it to survive this week. I'm pretty confident winter will return at some point in March, but hope it's early to keep some of the natural base around. Obviously at Jay and Sugarloaf they have so much base this warmup isn't going to get rid of all the base, but for other places it's going to do some damage.

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    No one should be happy about "spring skiing" in February. In the MRV we were on a roll of deep snow, powder and packed powder and today it's back to skiing icy groomers.

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    Yet another cycle this winter of great conditions followed by too warm temperatures. It's been so frustrating, especially this time since conditions were absolutely fantastic. The long term forecast isn't helping either.

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    Crap. Last opportunity for a N. VT trip is 3/4 and it looks like absolute carnage again. Canceled the last time because of that thaw/ice/freeze.

    Oh well. At least got a taste of this good run down in the catskills two weekends in a row. But hurts to think we're gonna get skunked 3/4. Might drive to Massif if they recover a few days earlier with cold and snow.

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    After this weekend things might start turning around. Storm for 2/28 could go either way. Could be a huge game changer for NNE. 200 hours out it's hard to trust any forecast model. Just wait and see what happens before cancelling winter.

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    Is it asking to much to have winter stay winter? We had a TON of snow in SoVT when we rolled up Friday night. Then the weekend happened. I would have been happy with seasonable temps to preserver what we have.

    Hoping things turn around after this week. The temps for Thursday and Friday are insane. One of our friends up north started clearing the snow around his sugar house. Too early!

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    Its why i just keep getting on a plane...not helping the bank acct though.
    Lets go!
    I'll drive.

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