What's up guys,

Just wanted to post about my new ski poles I just bought from the fellas at Grass Sticks. I'd been looking at buying some bamboo poles for a couple weeks and after looking at the different options out there, I landed on Grass Sticks. Not only are the considerably cheaper than their competition, they also (in my opinion), look way cooler than the other option I was looking at.

After using them for a few weeks I found that they flex very similarly to higher end composite or carbon fiber poles, but they weigh close to nothing! They feel bomber and after investigating a bit I found that the species of bamboo they use is among the strongest on the planet! The amount of customization they offer is awesome, and their bright color combinations really stand out. People have been commenting on mine non-stop so I figured I'd give this awesome company a shout out. Their customer service is top notch just like their product. I went with their touring grip option for an additional ten bucks, but it makes taking these bad boys out in the back country much more enjoyable, allowing you to choke down on the poles while hiking up hill.

Look forward to hearing if anyone else has em' or what they think about switching to bamboo poles!