Stowe--Wknd Crowds


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    Stowe--Wknd Crowds

    Headed up to Stowe 2nd wknd in March. We will be skiing Friday-Monday at 4 different mtns.
    Is Friday the best day to hit Stowe given the crowds? Driving up Friday and can't be on the mtn until 10 or so so wondering if dealing with the crowds on a wknd but starting for 1st chair may be better.

    We want to get as much skiing in and avoid waiting in lines.
    Those who have skied Stowe this season please chime in.
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    Crowds will be pretty small in March up at Stowe. Things really start to slow down after presidents weekend. I'm up there all next week and will let you know what it is like this weekend and next weekend.

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    I find the best skiing off the Forerunner Quad which is Stowe's early opening claim to fame at 7:30am. It usually gets a line from 10:30 to 11:30am but other than that it's more than reasonable especially given that you're lapping a high speed quad offering plenty of leg burn for a day of skiing. That said, you'll need to watch the previous day and evening temps to decide if there's a refreeze event which makes 7:30am runs ..... firm. If you want to try first tracks you can always catch the first chair then head to breakfast if the snow needs some time to soften a bit.
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    It may be fairly crowded anywhere in N. VT. I believe that is the end of Quebec spring break, and the start of Ontario's. Midweek is always better. Avoid Smuggs that weekend.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckstah View Post
    Avoid Smuggs that weekend.
    If it truly is the dreaded Canuck school break, Jay Peak is even worse than Smuggs.
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    Stowe can get crowded on weekends... As said above, the Fourrunner starts at 7:30 and has a minimal wait until 10:00 or so. If it's really bad, they'll start spinning the Lookout Double (right next door). I've never seen the Lookout have a line; chair is slow, but the time-to-the-top is about the same if you account for waiting in line at the quad.

    The other alternative is to lap Sunny or Sensation over on the Spruce side. Grab an early lunch at Spruce, head back over to Mansfield, and lap the gondola or the quad to your heart's content.

    Stowe during the week is awesome, but you can very easily destroy your legs in the morning. The vertical adds up fast there.
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    Quote Originally Posted by BenedictGomez View Post
    If it truly is the dreaded Canuck school break, Jay Peak is even worse than Smuggs.
    I just looked it up while doing some planning. Quebec week is 3/4-3/12, while Ontario is 3/11-3/19. The 3/11-12 weekend looks like one to stay as far south as possible, or hit some low key places.

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    Quote Originally Posted by chuckstah View Post
    I just looked it up while doing some planning. Quebec week is 3/4-3/12,
    I'll be at Smuggs on 3/4, so hopefully that will be a travel day for most of them.
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    Very low turnout at Stowe yesterday. Walk-on to the gondola and ski-on to the four runner - on a beautiful day during a vacation week no less. I wonder if ski vacations are down this year?

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    NH vaca weeks are never busy.

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