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    Unfortunately, I'm out of data on my cell plan, mostly from last few days's liberal posting of photos. Will wait till the billing cycle turn over before posting any more pictures.

    Also, I'm so far behind in writing reports, I'm now giving up. The last few days were mixed in condition. I was mostly skiing with friends. While I enjoyed the skiing, I'm bored with listing all the groomers (and even non-groomers). So I'm going to keep them short.

    Day 5, Heavenly. Weather: Sun and cloud, Condition: Firm in the morning, slush in the afternoon, in between, some wind deposited powder. Mostly a groomer day, with a few well-chosen off-piste venture, some of which worked out well while the rest less well.

    Highlight/low light of the day:
    - Mott Canyon: Gate B (I think) Condition were so-so. So once was enough.
    - Milkyway Bowl, lovely chalky wind deposited powder, which we repeated a few laps.
    - Big Dipper, mellow groomer with thick coat of wind deposited power, which I lapped a few times while my friend went over to Kilbrew Canyon. He reported back condition were less than ideal. So I didn't go over.
    - Run down to Nevada base: Because the Northbowl chair was down, that run only got skied by very few people, since there's no chair back up. It was perfectly groomed and steep enough to be fun. We took the bus back to Stagecoach and took the chair back up.

    We were in and out of the cloud all day. I could see the lake from time to time but not worth digging out the phone for photos.

    Day 6 & 7 Northstar. Weather: Sunshine and warming up fast. Condition: Dust on crust to slush

    Morning snow report was 1" at Heavenly and 5" at Northstar. Since the previous day at Heavenly was so-so, I decided to do the 45 min drive to Northstar (which turned out to be more like an hr due to required chain) The skiing didn't quite meet expectation, but scenery along the lake shore was pretty spectacular.


    Highlight: Finally figured out how to get into Lookout Mountain! With the help of my local friends, I was led into Lookout Mountain. Martinis and Washoen were groomed and in perfect condition. I lapped those twice. Venture into the trees with mixed results. Generally, the top part were powdery but the bottom part were cement-like. Did Prossor and the run under the chair. Neither of them enjoyable. Just because my friend wants to prove we were macho enough to try it (and survived it in 1 piece).

    Low light: Watch a bumper zipper-lining the bump field under the Backside chair, in good style amd speed. Then watched him struggled and eventually lost control and crashed. He was hurt. The screaming was alarming! Though later we found out he "only" dislocated his shoulder (which he had dislocated prior). He'll heal. It's near the end of season anyway.

    Another decent view of Lake Tahoe:


    Day 8 Squaw: Weather: Sunshine and warm: Condition: slush to wintery powder.

    Highlight: Today I was led into a bunch of steep runs I wouldn't normally seek out to do. But my buddy whom I met from the Whistler epic "Gathering" was interested in "checking out" many of the notorious chutes and such. Since his regular brother-in-crime (my guide in Kirkwood) wasn't there, he dragged me (and sometimes his wife) down those routes. Fortunately, the snow condition turned out to be just right for the Headwall. So that's where we spent a good part of the day. I had a blast!

    (some of the routes have names: Northbowl, pretty easy; Classic Chute, pretty intimidating; Headwall face, fan-freaking-tastic! we did it twice!!!)

    Low light: KI-22 chair was down in the afternoon, that's when we wanted to ski KT. We had no choice but to look elsewhere. Ended up skiing down Paulson's Gulley under Red Dog, which turned out to have ok condition up top, and quite good condition mid-way (and slush at the bottom as usual).

    All in all, a nice day.

    Top of Headwall, with lake view. AND the sky was so clear you can see view of Heavenly's runs at the distance:
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    Day 9, Northstar.
    Weather: snowing on and off, windy and cold.
    Condition: hero snow on groomer, dust on crust off-groom

    Both my buddy and I were dressed for spring skiing. So we were again freezing our butts off in the 30 degree 35 mph wind!

    That didn't bode well for moving all over the mountain checking out all the different aspect in the hunt for good snow.

    We did find fresh powder on the side of many intermediate trails. Well, 2" worth of it that is. We milk those 20 feet by 2 inch strips for the full length of those trails for a good part of the day. But by mid-afternoon, we were cold and finally bored of doing the same strips all over again.

    Backside were all miserable dust-on-crust. 2 runs confirmed our worst fear.

    My buddy left for the day. I thought for a moment to change into my tele boots to cruise just the lower mountain (wind protected). But the long track through the village and then up the gondola means I wouldn't get more than 2 runs in for the one hour left of the day. So I too, called it a day at 3pm. Skipped the crepes too.
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    Today would have been day 10 of my Tahoe stay. But the condition was entirely unfavorable. Squaw-alpine, Mt Rose, Heavenly all have major wind hold for most of their lifts. Northstar does have most their lifts running. But judging from yesterday's condition, it would be just as marginal. Besides, I've spend quite a few days in Northstar in this trip. Northstar is a fun place when the woods are in play. But it does get boring fast once the woods are out of play.

    Tomorrow's temperature will rise up significantly. And it being Saturday, it MAY get busy...

    There're other factors in play also. So I made the executive decision to conclude my stay at the Tahoe area, a little earlier than planned. And start heading back eastward.
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    Bumping this. I. So amazing pictures
    I want to stay in Motel 6 in West Reno
    How do u get to skis area's with bus or shuttles. I not using a car or drive appreciate advice.As of now I temporary booked hotel for first week of January
    As of now this is my plans but I can change them.
    4-12 janray
    Arriving Reno West
    Depart January 12
    Stay at Motel 6
    Any recommendations for cheaper lift ticket
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    There're ski bus from Reno. I forgot either they pick you up at various motels or not. But if you can get yourself into the "strip". The bus definitely pick up in some of the casinos. Without a car, that's pretty much your only options.

    You can buy the package that includes lift ticket. When I was there some years back, it was reasonable.

    Also, check the price of some of the casino hotels. Mid-week, it maybe close enough to motel prices. You get access to pools and/or cheap buffets for a few bucks more.

    Have fun!

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    Thanks ABC for advice. I think Super is only 4 miles to Hevenly
    That hotel in Lake Tahoe want to stay in California for few reasons.

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