Killington 4/8/17


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    Killington 4/8/17

    Got to Bear Mountain base just before 9:00. There was a mogul competition going on, which I soon figured out was amateur open registration, and made Bear Mountain a fun scene with grills, music, lots of people, costumes, etc.

    But I was all about shredding the mountain today. On a mission... with 6" of new dense snow overnight, which I predicted but most people did I guess did not, I was ready for expectations to be surpassed.

    And in most ways they were. The mountain did not look like April at all. Looked like February, and a February with decent snow at that. I suppose the base might have been kind of thin under this new snow in the woods but this stuff really filled in the gaps, it skied great.

    Most of the mountain was groomed, some trails more recently than others so it was everything from firm corduroy to soft snow piles to bumps which which softer the lower on the mountain you went. Upper mountain was frozen, it was like Antarctica up there. Lower mountain felt like a normal day in early March. It snowed most of the day, the kind of stuff that sticks to your goggles. Wiped it off and kept movin, didn't spoil my fun one bit.

    I'm chalking this up as a "powder day"-- usually I draw the line around 7" of new snow overnight. This was more like 6" but it was dense and substantial. The trees actually had some pretty nice light snow in them, very few tracks. I skied some woods that were 100% untracked and it was a blast.

    Bonus points for Killington staff, going out of their way in terms of customer service and friendliness, just striking up conversations and clearing the paper plate off my table, along with the "Ambassadors" on the mountain. I've had a lot of respect for how K runs their show for a while now and today was just another example.

    My wife and I are up at Woodshed Lodge in Jay now. There is a BUNCH of snow up here. Tomorrow should be one to remember. Might be the last day of the season as I have family stuff to take care of the next couple weeks.


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    Looks damn good!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bostonian View Post
    Looks damn good!!
    It was. I was there too, however, I stayed on the other side of the area from Bear. Took my time getting there, arriving at noon. !st impression was not good as K-1 was closed and while the chair was running not a sole was on Superstar. But as I hit the snow the clouds were starting to lift and some sun started to faintly show. Ran down to Rams Head for some warm up and to test conditions and had my worries put to bed in the 1st 50 yards of Header about conditions. Tuna was right about the fresh snow and even with the late start I got some up in Timberline Glade. Rode just 2 lifts Saturday, Rams Head Express and Snowden Quad and had a blast skiing the "bowl" between Rams Head and Snowden on Vagabond, Northstar and Great Bear and the woods on Scarecrow, Tin Woodsman, Patsy's and Low Rider.

    Sunday was incredible as I got to the mountain early and had front row parking and hit the lift at opening. Hit the North Ridge/Canyon area as the temp rose. With the exception of the top wrap around never went on the other side of K-1. Got a nice run on Royal Flush as it softened, Cascade was good but was slightly disappointed that Big and Double Dipper were closed even as they bathed in sun and the Throne too. Ended up going back over to the Snowden/ Rams Head "bowl" for my last hour for Patsy's Northstar, Great Bear and Low Rider (A fav of mine). As I came down on the last run just after noon, hit the glue that was starting to form at the lower elevations, a good time to leave. As I left I saw Big Dipper had opened but no regrets. It was the weekend that I had saved my Killington tickets on my Max Pass for and an awesome way to close out the eastern portion of 16-17. Still got 3 days up coming in CO.


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    It was a great day at K. We skied from 9:00 to 3:45. We spent most of the day in the woods finding fresh tracks. It was amazing to be in the woods on 4/8/17 and not come out with any damage to the bases. Fun Fun Fun day.

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    Wow! Winter still delivered Saturday! Great pics.

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    Some of those woods you guys are posting look nice and wide - at least compared to the tight trees at Mt. Snow (most are tight at least) - where are these nice tree trails? Especially in the 2nd post, 2nd photo down, the one with less light, that looks awesome.
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    That one looks to be Big Dip, to right of canyon chair.. going up the chair you can get a good look into that area. It Was skiing well yesterday, although roped off.
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    Quote Originally Posted by skimagic View Post
    That one looks to be Big Dip, to right of canyon chair.. going up the chair you can get a good look into that area. It Was skiing well yesterday, although roped off.
    I feel like those are the trees I always see while heading up the K1, but never seem to make it down over there or the snow isn't good or its closed. Probably won't have a chance to get in/over there until next season at this point because this weekend will most likely not be good coverage in there with the warmth.
    The area seems to be roped off a lot also.
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    Great weekend at K. Powder on Saturday, Mogul comp (thats me) and spring bumps Sunday.
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