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    Quote Originally Posted by Siliconebobsquarepants View Post
    Post some Brookie pictures ....IMO there the nicest looking fish Salt or Fresh
    HA, you're talking to the wrong guy SBSP.....been there, done that back in mid-60s. No touch/hold for pics these days... I mainly take water samples these days in areas of trout, that were bigger and in much heavier numbers back in the day. I don't touch em' these days......hold em' through rubber net....and don't have a GoPro(yet), but just fish in optimum hours = early AMs & eves for just a few hours. I enjoy other stuff more now...hiking, wildlife sightseeing...etc. If I happen to find the Hexagenia and Green and Brown Drake hatches happenning somewhere I'll get some brooktrout pics up and in a month....late July-mid August...hopper season will commence....and I will have the flyrod ready and fishing will be better for pics. Will have the GoPro by then!

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