Welcome to fishing 2017!
As usual my attempts to fly fish were thwarted by high flow rates and wind. Sometimes I wonder why I even try with the fly rod other than that I want to get better at it. When I wasn't almost getting knocked off my feet by the high water I was busy pulling my lures out of the trees that the wind blew them into. Oh well, I think it's good to keep trying to improve a skill that I am obviously still deficient at. Maybe I'll try telemarking this coming winter.
Anyway, we hit the reservoirs early this year on 4/29. Pic above is from the East Branch of the Croton river upstream from where it enters into Sodom reservoir. Captain Steve did a good job rowing us into position to catch many small trout and even a few small bass. Once we got into the reservoir proper we caught a few good sized bass. My buddy Rich caught the fish of the day, a very nice smallmouth:
Two weeks later, Steve and I fished at Rye Lake and had great early season bass action. Steve tied a crayfish imitation on and caught 5 nice smallmouths all about the same size as this one:
I wanted to use a crawdad imitation too but have learned it is usually better to choose another pattern, so I was using a yellow perch imitation that I have had good largemouth luck with. Worked like a charm and I landed a half dozen nice largemouths and the fish of the day:
I was amazed to land so many largemouths as the weather was chilly. Great day.
Heading out again this coming Sunday with my buddy Mike.