Maine Woods Away From the Main Road, T1 R12 WELS


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    Maine Woods Away From the Main Road, T1 R12 WELS

    Driven over cutting roads, between Farrar Mtn and Female Mtn. Not a hike along a Named Trail.
    Location: T1 R12 WELS township.
    (I'll copy an image from GoogleMaps....a work in progress for me)

    Beautiful bluebird day with some cumulus here & there. Once done with a little work @home...had to get out in the 4Runner. Need to stuff suspension up a little and add a few inches of body lift for tires.....but I know the area = no problems anywhere.
    Hardwoods about at & beyond peak...birch, beach(I think) mixed with some aspen amongst softwoods in the area, why I like it but there is so much wind you hardly ever get a 100% day with all the various trees. Unfortunately today was one of those days where you know why you want a new Canon Powershot A520 just flattens out all of the sunshine, along with my help.
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    Mid-70s up here in incredible day.
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