Berkshire East Northface expansion video


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    Berkshire East Northface expansion video

    Exciting news from the B’east :

    Long rumored new top to bottom trail has been cut, north of Mohawk and wrapping around the wind turbine. There will also be be new intermediate trails and glades connecting the new trail to Mohawk.

    Sounds like we will have to wait another year or two for phase 2, which will extend down to the main road and include new chairlift.

    Here’s the video:

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    Nice. Hope to visit there for the first time this year. Daughter in college near there.

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    Skied there a bit back in 79 and 80. Great video and good to see it in such a healthy place.

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    Good news! Great to see an area expanding.

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    Gotta hand it to Jon Schaefer... following in his old man's footsteps and bringing B-East to the next level

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    Good video but hard to get excited about a green groomer.
    form is a 4 letter word

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    Quote Originally Posted by crank View Post
    Good video but hard to get excited about a green groomer.
    Probably a good idea though as beginners at Berkshire East are kind of limited, trail wise.

    Also if they plan on glading terrain over there where it supposedly holds snow better... win win

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    Trail names were announced. Thunder and Bolt.

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    Quote Originally Posted by SkiMangoJazz View Post
    Trail names were announced. Thunder and Bolt.
    They also mentioned:
    Along with the addition of "Thunder" and "Bolt," we've made big time improvements to fall lines, blasted cliff bands, removed trees, and regraded some of your old favorites - "Big Chief," "Hemlock," "Mohawk," "Flying Cloud," and upper and lower "Comp.". Berkshire East will have a new ski area feel

    Not sure how I feel about this, I liked the old feel just fine. Wonder what “regrading” these trails entails. They’ve already mentioned Mohawk will be widened, which is unfortunate IMO. I guess they are expecting more traffic there since it will connect to the new trails. But my favorites are the narrow runs like Roy’s Way and Jug.
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    Yeah, I can't imagine any improvement to Big Chief, unless it's for drainage. Mohawk, yes, could use some improvement to its fall lines.

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