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    Bousquet for sale,533537

    Lot of history there, oldest operating ski resort in the Berkshires and first ski area in the USA to offer night skiing (thanks to GE power plant in Pittsfield). Hope the new owners will keep the ski operations going. Wonder what the asking price is? By coincidence I went there for the first time just a couple of weeks ago. Fun little mountain, and super cheap lift tickets, but kind of run-down. Only ski area Ive been to where I noticed people smoking cigarettes, both in the parking lot and on the chairlift. Also I love the basketball hoop for tossing your empties while riding the chairlift. Heres a couple photos I took:


    What happened to the turret??


    Its the kind of place where they have an unfinished plywood structure with a string and clothes pins for your mittens in the lodge:

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    I used to hit that place when i was in college. I think it was 5 or 10 bucks in mid nineties. There were a couple cool trails there

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    I've seen people smoking in the parking lots and on the lifts of every ski hill I've been too, where haven't you seen it?

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    Wow, coincidence, I was there over Presidents' Day weekend. First time ever. Basically I found myself in Pittsfield and took my infant son for his first trip to a lodge and ski area; didn't ski except to carry him while skiing 30 feet by the base area. Had lunch and left.

    BUT, loved it, in that nostalgic, local high school races and crappy french fries kind of way. Inexpensive, bar / lodge area was nice. Upstairs full of non - skiing parents playing cards or reading or whatever; old 80s racing promo posters on the wall.

    Glad I got to see it, however briefly.

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    I have done the beer league there for the past 10 yrs. It is a awesome local vibe to it.
    I always call it a very fun bar with a ski hill outback.

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    A lot of history is right. The Bosquet's were early advisors to Preston Smith when he was building out Killington in the late 50's and early 60's. Cool little place. Hope it goes into good hands.

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    I skied there years and years ago in Junior High for weekend races. Fun mountain! I thought there was a roll back issue with one of the lifts in the mid-90's.

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    What an awesome little mountain. I was in their youth race program in the early 90s after Brodie's went belly up. Bunch of great trails, good snowmaking, and family place. The kind of place we want around.

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    Quote Originally Posted by skiur View Post
    I've seen people smoking in the parking lots and on the lifts of every ski hill I've been too, where haven't you seen it?
    I saw a 60+ year old guy smoking a bowl in his car in the parking lot at sugarbush earlier this year

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